when you and your buddy are low on potassium


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[a left boob appears within arm’s reach]

chris evans:


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i am not the same person i was before i started playing this video game

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just realized you don’t need to say 6am or 6pm. we already know the m is there so just write like 6a or 6p. can’t believe no one figured this trick out before.

or you could do the easy thing and say 0600 and 1800

yeah like adding a bunch of unnecessary zeroes is easy. you piece of shit. you fucking coward

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reblog if you’ll publicly answer anything you are asked tonight

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The Signs' Favourite Drinks
  • Aries: cola
  • Gemini: 'tea'
  • Cancer: e v e r y t h i n g
  • Leo: any kind of soda
  • Virgo: lame ass black coffee
  • Libra: hipster coffees from starbacks
  • Scorpio: wine
  • Sagittarius: some black sludge from out back
  • Capricorn: v i r g i n b l o o d
  • Aquarius: t e a r s o f t h e w e a k
  • Pisces: T H E B L O O D O F T H E G O D S
  • Taurus: apple juice
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